Old Castle Sparkle (Happil-TEA Ever After Tea Room Book Two)




Reunited after years of estrangement, the road looks sparkly for the O’Donnell women until shame and fear of repeating past mistakes muddies the path…

Khrista couldn’t be happier–after so many years of emotional turmoil, she has reunited with her estranged mother and daughter, has a grandbaby to love, a husband who accepts her for who she is… and the feeling that she’s about to lose it all.  When gossips in town threaten the strong foundation she rebuilt, Khrista comes face to face with her greatest fears and worries she’ll mess everything up.Kaelyn is thrilled to be back on the island she missed so much. Having a new baby and a reunited family is everything she could wish for. But fears pop up and make her question everything. And she has to figure out if she’s strong enough to fend off the feeling that who she wishes to be isn’t who she actually is.

Daisy can see why her daughter ran away to Old Castle–it has everything a person could hope for. Someone from her past finds her and gets in the way of her budding relationship with Rafael, and Daisy isn’t sure how to balance what she wants with what she knows she needs to do.

They want to keep moving in the right direction, but will the desperation to keep things sparkling do more harm than good?


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