Old Castle Secrets (Signed Paperback)


Old Castle Secrets by Amanda Daire

Signed by the author (paperback)


Signed by the author!

Three generations of heartbreak. One chance to heal old wounds.

“I never want to see you again!” Khrista didn’t believe her daughter when Kaelyn stormed out of her life five years ago. But every day since, Kaelyn’s angry words have echoed in Khrista’s mind, even as she tries to hide the truth from her chosen family—the community that raised her. Finding solace in her preschool classroom by day and her whisky by night, Khrista is forced to confront her pride and her problems when someone from her past brings news that threatens to drive her deeper into the danger zone.

Kaelyn loves the life she built—doting husband, dream home by the beach, and a baby on the way. But when her long-lost grandmother contacts her out of the blue, life feels off-kilter. She’s eager to have a blood relation to love, but meeting her grandmother again uncovers painful feelings about her own mother she keeps buried. 

Estranged from her daughter and granddaughter for over twenty years, Daisy hasn’t had an easy life. But with the death of her abusive husband, she’s determined to start living. Step one: find her granddaughter, whom she hasn’t seen since Kaelyn was five. Maybe a reunion with Kaelyn will lead to mending fences with Khrista, too, and allow Daisy to rectify all the wrongs and fix everything before it’s too late.

Join the O’Donnell women on their quest for forgiveness and family and love. 

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