Old Castle Secrets Reader Discussion Questions

  1. Do you identify with any of the women in the book? If so, which one(s)? Why?
  2. In the first chapter of the novel, we see two versions of Khrista. Do you think it’s
    conceivable that she could hide her secrets from the community she’s so close to? Why
    or why not? And if not, why might she think her secrets are safe?
  3. Do Kaelyn and Daisy have sides of themselves they keep hidden from those close to
    them the way Khrista does?
  4. Kaelyn believes her relationship with Oliver is perfect. Do you agree?
  5. When Daisy first writes her email to Khrista she pours her heart out and apologizes. Why
    do you think she deleted the heartfelt message? Why do you think she didn’t issue the
    apology? What do you think Khrista’s reaction to the original email would have been?
  6. Each of the three main protagonists experienced challenging childhoods, yet they each
    grew up and coped in different ways. How did each woman cope with their difficult past?
    If you have family members who experienced similar things to you, did they adapt the
    same way as you?
  7. Daisy asks for advice from her friend and then ignores it. Do you think she did the right
    thing? Do you think Florence had a right to be upset that Daisy ignored her advice?
    Have you had an experience where a friend asked for advice and went against it? How
    did that affect your relationship?
  8. Khrista and Kaelyn each remember having a lot of pets in their household. How did their
    memories of the animals compare? Why do you think Khrista was driven to have so
    many pets when she struggled financially and emotionally?
  9. What were your thoughts as the baby shower approached? Did it go the way you
    thought it would?
  10. Matt is portrayed as a supportive, compassionate man throughout the book. What do
    you think was the tipping point to initiate the breakup in the airport? Do you think he was
    right to leave her there?
  11. Khrista connects with a stranger in the airport. Do you think Anna’s message to Khrista
    helped Khrista in her healing journey? Have you ever had an encounter with a stranger
    that changed you or stuck with you in some way? What was it?
  12. What was your favorite part? Least favorite part? If you could rewrite the ending, what
    would you change?
  13. If you could take one of the characters under your wing and guide them, who would it
    be? What advice would you give them?
  14. Clarice tells Khrista, “The family we’re born into isn’t always the one we’re meant to grow
    with. And relationships don’t always mend, but we can always heal.” Do you agree? Why
    or why not? Do you think the characters in this book deserved second chances? Why or
    why not?
  15. When Kaelyn reflects back on her relationship with Ryan, we get a glimpse into a much
    different dynamic than the one she has with Oliver. Do you think all people have a
    “type”? What do you think changed in Kaelyn to lead her to a man like Oliver instead of
    another man like Ryan?
  16. Did your initial impressions or feelings toward any of the characters change from the
    beginning to the end? How?
  17. Is there a character you wanted to know more about?
  18. Would you want to live in a place like Old Castle? Why or why not?
  19. Did anything in the book make you feel uncomfortable? Did your perspective on life or
    relationships change in any way?
  20. Clarice views tea as the ultimate comfort item, and so do many community members.
    What is your go-to comfort item? How do you think that thing became associated with